PRAVI is a Sanskrit word which means INCREDIBLE; BEAUTIFUL. PRAVI also finds origin in various Indian languages such as Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil.

In Esperanto (most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language) in the late 19th Century it means to be correct, to be right.

In Serbo-Croatian it means pure / genuine, real / actual, correct / accurate.

As per the Urban Dictionary, PRAVI means an amazingly, bright individual who is all-knowing and considered All-Mighty.

Seeing the above description, we thought ‘what better name to have’. This all-encompassing and unique word describes the pivot of my Photography.



Hi All, I’m Kerry, India based photographer. Picked up my first camera as a kid and have never looked back. Took up photography fervently and dedicatedly few years back. My profession keeps me moving and hence I have explored the length and breadth of India.

The genre of photography is varied and my lens focusses more on Wildlife and Birding in particular. Keep visiting the Page, Liking the Images and encouraging me to go further.

“Frame the Rarity for Eternity”.

Our Domain

our Domain

We have Experience in framing all types of professional Wild life, Bird and Outdoor Photography.

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Our Projects

our Projects

Our professional photography services can help give your business a visual identity through advertising imagery, corporate portraits.

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Contact us


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